Founded in 1980, in Lakeland Florida, Whitefield College offers Associate and Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Bible, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Classical Education, Philosophy, Counselling, Christian Legal Advocacy, Business Administration, American History & Government, and Liberal Arts.

When distance education was frowned upon, or considered to offer a less than effective education, Whitefield offered its students the opportunity to work towards their AA or BA in the privacy and comfort of their own home, or while deployed while serving in our military. Our graduates and former students who have gone on to other colleges will testify to the high academic standards, and the convenience of working on their own schedule, rather than being tied into a fixed college structure.

We are a distinctly Christian college, with each program based on a Biblical worldview curriculum that seeks to prepare our graduates with a real-world, relevant understanding of their faith. We teach the doctrines of the Reformation, believing that God’s sovereign will governs all of mankind, and that all of history is the working out of His eternal plan.

Whitefield College offers Christ-centered, home-study programs for students seeking an alternative to the usual college experience. Our courses are specially geared for graduates who intend to teach their own children at home, teach in a Christian school, or prepare for other Christian vocations such as Pastor, Elder, Deacon, counselor etc.

A Whitefield Associate or Bachelor degree is also an excellent preparation for those intending to go on to other professional studies in Seminaries or Graduate Schools. Our degree programs will prepare you to apply the Christian faith to every area of life, to defend the Christian faith, and teach it to others.


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