Major Description

Christian Classical Education is a major for students have the desire to teach in a Classical Education from a Christian worldview. The major will prepare students to teach at either a lower elementary grade level or a high school grade level. Classical Christian Education is designed to give a high academic education that would prepare them for differing ministries. Classical Christian schools teach students to think about things which are lovely, pure, just, honorable and true. Students are taught that there is lovely art, honorable speech, and admirable music. Objective standards exist in art, music, and speech and students are taught to recognize and apply such standards. However, Classical Christian schools also recognize the limits of their work. Schools recognize that God gave authority and responsibility for raising and teaching children to parents, not to schools. When children are taught well and consistently by parents, churches, and schools, good fruit is often borne in the lives of students.


HIS 301 American History I – 3 Credits
CNS 303 A Biblical View of Psychology – 3 Credits
CCE 301 Philosophy: Christian Classical Ed – 3 Credits
CCE 302 Classical Teaching Methodologies – 3 Credits
HIS 302 American History II – 3 Credits
CCE 303 Great Books: Western Literature – 3 Credits
CCE 304 Great Books: Western History – 3 Credits
CCE 305 Aesthetics – 3 Credits
CCE 309 Latin I – 3 Credits
CCE 310 Latin II – 3 Credits


CCE 401 Great Books: Western Science – 3 Credits
POL 403 Introduction to Political Theory – 3 Credits
CED 403 Classroom Org. & Management – 3 Credits
PHL 305 History of Western Thought I – 3 Credits
PHL 404 World Religions – 3 Credits
PHL 406 Philosophy of Religion – 3 Credits
PHL 306 History of Western Thought II – 3 Credits
CCE 408 Rhetoric – 3 Credits
CED 405 Student Teaching I – 3 Credits
CED 406 Student Teaching II – 3 Credits


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