Major Description

Freshman Year

BBL101 Biblical Hermeneutics
OTS105 Old Testament Survey
NTS102 New Testament Survey
SYS103 Christian Doctrine I
SYS104 Christian Doctrine II
SYS106 Christian Doctrine III
APL109 Christian Ethics
ECO108 Economics
ENG107 Introductory Writing
PHL110 Foundation of Christian Culture

Sophomore Year

PHL204 Historiography
HIS203 Western Civilization I
HIS204 Western Civilization II
ENG205 English Composition
SCI202 Physical Science*
SCI105 Biology*
PHL206 Logic
PHL209 Introduction to Philosophy
SOC208 Sociology
MAT107 Geometry **
MAT207 College Algebra**
MUS304 Fundamentals of Music

Junior Year

HIS301 American History I
HIS302 American History II
CNS303 Biblical View of Psychology
CCE309 Latin I
CUL305 Christian Culture I
CUL306 Christian Culture II
CCE310 Latin II
CCE305 Aesthetics
ENG401 Introduction to Literature
ENG402 Survey of Western Literature

Senior Year

POL403 Introduction to Political Theory
PHL404 World Religions
ECO403 History of Economics I
PHL406 Philosophy of Religion
PHL305 History of Western Thought I
ECO405 History of Economics II
ENG408 Speech Communications
PHL306 History of Western Thought II
APL309 Introduction to Apologetics
PHL409 History of Western Thought III

*Choice of either Physical Science or Biology
**Choice of either College Algebra or Geometry


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