Educational Philosophy

Whitefield College is committed to that philosophy which is not after the traditions of men, or the foundational principles of this worldly system, but after Christ (Colossians 2:8). The college believes Scripture when it says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge, and in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The college teaches all subjects from a biblical perspective in order that we might offer an exclusively Christian approach to education. Compromise has effectively destroyed many older Christian colleges and universities, and we will always need to guard against it. Our fervent prayer is that God will use our commitment to a solid biblical philosophy to keep Whitefield College continually faithful to its first principles.

The whole concept of Christian education is based on the confession that there is but one truth: the self-revelation of God as set forth in the Holy Bible. Education which is truly and distinctively Christian must be founded upon the principle of an authoritative, sovereign God, who speaks to us regarding all areas of life. There is nothing in this universe about which human beings can have full and true information unless they begin with the Bible.

The very use of the term “Christian” as applied to education, assumes that it is impossible to understand the process of education apart from the revelation of God in His Word. We believe that the pursuit of knowledge must be built upon this very foundation, if our educational theory and methodology are to be consistently Christian in nature. The sacred Scriptures give certainty to our efforts to educate students correctly concerning life and academic disciplines. Unity in education is bound by the principle that God, in creation, gives purpose and meaning to every fact of life, which can only be understood through His authority in Scripture.

A Christian educational philosophy is also devoted to the development of the student’s spiritual, academic, and physical welfare. It seeks to enable the student to understand his place, meaning, purpose, and responsibility in the plan of God. We seek to help prepare our students to fulfill God’s calling for their lives and that they might labor to advance the Kingdom of Christ on earth for His honor and glory.


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