Financial Information

Per Academic credit hour


Processing Fees
Application Fee (nonrefundable)
Graduation Fee
Credit Transfer Fee
Course Challenge, per credit hour
Life Experience, per credit hour
CLEP, per credit hour
Official Transcript Copy
Returned check charge (NSF, no sufficient funds)
Whitefield Student ID card


Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from the B.A., B.S. or A.A., A.S. degree programs in writing will receive tuition refunds according to the following chart (less $100 administration fee) as long as their letter of withdrawal is postmarked within:

3 days of ordering their first course: 100%
3 days of receiving first courses: 80%
14 days of receiving first courses: 50%
21 days of receiving first courses : 30%

No refunds will be made for the application fee. There will no longer be any rental fees for Lectures.

Financial Assistance

Whitefield College students are not eligible for FAFSA, PEL, or other U.S. taxpayer subsidized loans and grants. The tuition fees charged by Whitefield are commensurate with the provision of a quality curriculum suitable for extension study. Typical tuition for private on-campus programs run around $280 per credit hour, thus the cost of an average degree, including board and meals, can easily amount to $75,000 or more. Compare this to $12,000 for tuition at Whitefield College and the financial advantage of home-college comes into sharp focus!

In the event of genuine, demonstrable hardship, or change of circumstances while a student is enrolled, the college will do its best to make arrangements with the student that will allow him or her to continue with their studies. However, no degree or transcript can be issued until all accounts are settled in full.


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