Whitefield College functions under the auspices of Whitefield Theological Seminary, Lakeland, Florida, as its undergraduate degree program.

The college and seminary derive their name from the great eighteenth-century English revivalist, Rev. George Whitefield, a man of true compassion, who quite literally expended his life preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that he loved passionately. Reformed in his theology, he was one of the major influences of his time, as he travelled throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and America.

In an era when crossing the Atlantic Ocean was undertaken cautiously, and at great risk, Whitefield traversed the ocean thirteen times. On his seven trips to colonial America during the “Great Awakening,” he was greatly used by God to counter many of the extremes of that movement, as well as to bring thousands to a saving faith of Christ. While in America, he laboured diligently, often preaching three or more times a day. It is estimated that during his fifty-six years of life, George Whitefield probably preached over thirty thousand times! He had a special ministry for children, and saved his income to bring Christian school teachers to the southern colonies, where he also started an orphanage.

Whitefield College was established in 1980 in the state of Florida as an off-campus study program. The college provides an educational opportunity for students who desire a distance learning degree program. For a number of years, Whitefield has worked with Christian Liberty Academy School System (CLASS) of Arlington Heights, Illinois, to offer higher education to their graduates. The governing board of CLASS provides logistical and administrative support, and serves in an advisory capacity to the college.


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