Method of Study

Whitefield College’s external study courses employ a tried and proven method of study that offers a rigorous yet interesting method of acquiring knowledge. We seek to take increasing advantage of the swift communication and information systems available via email and the Internet. Students will utilize combinations of reading, lectures (Mp3 downloads), and research in their different courses. As is unique to the home school college approach, students are able to study at their own pace and in whatever location is convenient, be it home, work, or during travel.

Typically, courses require listening to and summarizing a series of lectures, reading and reporting on one or two text books, and writing a research paper covering a topic from that course of study. A detailed syllabus is provided for each course, detailing course specific instructions. Because the college’s knowledge of work completed by the student can only be assessed by what is submitted, students should take special care with their work, ensuring that it is presented according to the standards laid out in the booklet, How to Complete and Submit Course Work that is found on the Current Students-Coursework Information on this college website and lays out expectations and provides examples of work.

Although the college does not provide tutors, students are encouraged to locate Christian professionals who are skilled in their own areas of study, and to interact with them about their subjects. Often, a student’s pastor will allow him access to his library for reference and research, and will be able to offer valuable advice and insight. If students have questions relating to the course, they may e-mail the Academic Dean or call the college and speak with a member of the academic staff.

Online Campus

We are continually developing our online campus, where students will place orders for courses and books, locate Internet resources via the Whitefield Online Library, submit completed course work, and make contact with one another using chat rooms and forums. Students may also check their grades and read their grader’s reports on courses submitted. Student will be assigned individual college email addresses that may be used while they are active students.

Course Work Submission

In order to enable course work to be graded promptly, thus ensuring that students have swift feedback on their academic progress, students submit completed course work using our Internet based course-submission technology. Files for each element of the course (lecture and book summaries, and research paper) are sent through the Internet over a secure encrypted connection to our offices. Once received, course work is graded and a grade report is posted on our secure server where students are able to retrieve them using their assigned username and password. A few courses must be submitted by a mail delivery system


Students should equip themselves with an up-to-date computer that is capable of accessing the Internet, receive and send emails, and able to play lectures by downloading Mp3 recordings from the website. (Either a PC or Mac is acceptable). We strongly recommend that students use Microsoft Word to complete their course work and, if possible, have a Bible program such as “Logos/Libronix” or “Quickverse”.


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