SCI105 General Biology I


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This course will study various life forms on planet earth. It will cover the chemistry of life, the cells of life, genetics, mechanisms of evolution, biological diversity, plant forms and functions, animal form and functions and ecology. Even though Whitefield does not believe or teach evolution, studying evolution will give students a basis upon which to defend the Christian faith that God created all life on this planet.

Biology lectures from Northern Virginia College (17 lectures). These lectures can be found on the website iTunes U. The student will be required to download the iTunes app and/or iTunes U app (if you choose to use the lectures on a mobile device i.e. iPod, iPad, iPhone). You can either download all of the lectures, or in some cases you can “stream” the videos on your computer to watch the lectures without downloading them.


Life by Design (Charles Detwiler, Kimberly Mitchell and Norman Reichenbach)
Biology Through The Eyes of Faith (Richard T. Wright)


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