SCI305 General Chemistry


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This course will study the nature of chemistry. It will cover the standards for chemical measurements, basic elements and compounds, the chemical properties of matter, chemical equations, the periodic table, liquids, acids, bases, salts, as well as chemical equilibrium and oxidation. It will also give examples and information that demonstrate chemistry in action.

General Chemistry lectures from Case Western Reserve University (37 audio lectures). These lectures can be found on the website iTunes U. The student will be required to download the iTunes app and/or iTunes U app (if you choose to use the lectures on a mobile i.e. ipod, ipad, iphone). You can either download all of the lectures and in some cases you can “stream” the videos on your computer to watch the lectures without downloading them.

Divine Elements: A God-centered Introduction to Chemistry (Dr. Mark Phillips)
Foundations of College Chemistry (Hein and Arena)


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