SCI405 Introductory Physics


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This course will study the physical aspects of nature and will focus on the relationships between facts and the patterns that exist in nature. This course will cover areas such as force & motion, conservation laws, the properties of matter, oscillations & waves, optics, electricity & magnetism and modern physics including relativity, quantum physics, atoms & molecules and nuclear physics.

Physics I Classical Mechanics lectures by Walter Lewin from MIT (37 lectures). These lectures can be found on the website iTunes U. The student will be required to download the iTunes app and/or iTunes U app (if you choose to use the lectures on a mobile device i.e. iPod, iPad, iPhone). You can either download all of the lectures, or in some cases you can “stream” the lectures on your computer to listen to the lectures without downloading them.

Modern Introductory Physics (Holbrow, Lloyd, Amato, Galvez, Parks)


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