We are experiencing a crisis in higher education today. The crisis is theological and ethical. Secular institutions (and this includes a large number with a Christian heritage) have rejected, consciously or unconsciously, the absolute truth of the Bible and the sovereign Lordship of Christ Jesus. Secular academe so often delights in turning students received from Christian homes against the faith, and often views Western, Christian culture as an embarrassment and the antithesis of goodness, modernity, and progress.

Tragically, in the “religious” sphere, the situation is not much better, despite the valiant efforts of a handful of faithful institutions that carry the banner for their own groups or denominations. Many so-called “Christian colleges” pay homage to the Bible but operate contrary to its direction by maintaining a strict separation between biblical teaching and so-called “secular” disciplines. They may talk of a Christian worldview but fail to define such a view in terms of the only reliable standard – the Word of God – or they promote dogmas that are opposed to the development of a unified biblical perspective.

Furthermore, there is a scarcity of educational institutions strongly committed to the biblical faith of the Reformation and all of its implications. The doctrines of God’s sovereign grace and its social consequences have long been neglected as the foundational and fundamental components of true knowledge and wisdom.

Whitefield College is an antidote to what one man called “this poisonous environment.” Our goal is to provide a consistently Reformed alternative to the modern chaotic, ethically devoid educational establishment, full of secularism, liberalism, synthesis, Christian surrender, and ignorance. We trust you will grasp our vision and join us in recognizing that quality higher education can be “nontraditional.” Scripture teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word are the beginning of wisdom; it is our commitment to this truth that makes Whitefield College a school to seriously consider.

We seek to equip our graduates with the skills necessary for them to take their places in the home, Church, or nation, and to bring their godly and mature influence to minister in the sphere that God calls them.


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