Welcome, prospective students!

Hello, it would be an honor to have you become a student at Whitefield College. Whitefield College exists to prepare young men and women for the work of Christian service. It is our belief that Christians are to serve Jesus Christ in every area of life with a goal of transforming the nations through application of the Gospel. Whitefield’s motto is “For the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ.” Our challenge to Whitefield students is to go out and advance Christ’s kingdom to the glory of God in applying Christian principles to every area of faith and life.

Whitefield College is the educational institution for those who have a passion to restore a Christian worldview in America and the rest of the world. Some of our graduates have gone on to pastor churches; create or work for missions all over the world; work as administrators in financial and business management in churches and ministries, provide biblical counseling, and prepare for many other ministries, including Christian advocacy and political advocacy. Let me encourage you to carefully read over our catalog and review the various majors offered by the College. In time, the College will be offering additional majors for students to prepare themselves for their life calling

As you explore what Whitefield has to offer, consider allowing us to train you to accomplish great things for our Lord and Savior. We look forward to helping you accomplish what our Lord has called you to do for His glory and honor.

– Dr. Kenneth G Talbot

Dr. Kenneth G. Talbot

Dr. Kenneth G. Talbot



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